Hello. I'm James... Singer, marketing guy, style zealot, Apple fanboy, lover of flawlessly-executed ideas, fascinating people, jazz and champagne.

This is a collection of words, images and sounds that inspire, intrigue or amuse me on a somewhat regular basis.

My debut solo project, Grace, will be released in 2015. Visit often for updates. For bookings, e-mail bookjames (at) jaw3 (dot) net.


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    David Agbodji & Jourdan Dunn.

    Patrick Kafka for Schneiders ‘LandArt’ Spring/Summer 2014.

    Vladimir Ivanov for Calibre.

    Ricki Hall for L’Officiel Hommes Turkey.

    Oliver Cheshire for Marks & Spencer Fall/Winter 2013.

    Oliver Cheshire for Marks & Spencer Fall/Winter 2013.

    Ben Hill for Massimo Dutti.

    Todd Snyder. NYFW. S/S 2014.

    What are they looking at? Grindr? Candy Crush Saga? Words With Friends? OkCupid? Twitter?

    Tobias Sørensen alongside his girlfriend, model Jasmine Tookes.

    David Gandy for Lucky Brand Winter 2012.

    Vinnie Woolston for H&M Winter 2012.

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