Hello. I'm James. Marketing guy, singer, style zealot, Apple fanboy, brainiac, lover of well-executed ideas, interesting people, films, music and champagne. Lots of champagne. These are words, images and sounds that inspire, intrigue or amuse me on a somewhat regular basis.


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    I Love Ugly Spring/Summer 2014.

    Gitman Bros. Vintage Spring/Summer 2014 Navy Bandana Shirt.

    Young & Reckless Summer 2014.

    Less x Mania 2013 “Safari”.

    Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen Spring/Summer 2014.

    Sam Webb for Digel Spring/Summer 2014.

    O.Ballou Fall/Winter 2014.

    Oak Street Bootmakers Fall/Winter 2014.

    Max Bill x Junghans Chronoscope Watch.

    Reigning Champ Spring/Summer 2014

    Ricki Hall for L’Officiel Hommes Turkey.

    Daily Paper Spring/Summer 2014.

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