Hello. I'm James... Singer, marketing guy, style zealot, Apple fanboy, lover of flawlessly-executed ideas, fascinating people, jazz and champagne.

This is a collection of words, images and sounds that inspire, intrigue or amuse me on a somewhat regular basis.

My debut solo project, Grace, will be released in 2015. Visit often for updates. For bookings, e-mail bookjames (at) jaw3 (dot) net.


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    With combat sports on the rise in popularity within youth culture, it’s no surprise that brands that cater to said culture would embrace and support the movement. Take Mishka as a prime example, a brand that has supported boxing prodigy Zachary Ochoa since last year. The Brooklyn-based brand has integrated Ochoa into a lookbook for the new season, showcasing the versatility of its line. The lookbook, shot by photographer Jason Shaltz, features Ochoa moving through his everyday preparation–all the while staying stylish. While boxing is one of history’s most storied competitions, it’s refreshing to see Mishka involved in the future progression of a classic sport.


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