Hello. I'm James. Marketing guy, singer, style zealot, Apple fanboy, lover of flawlessly-executed ideas, fascinating people, jazz and champagne.

These are words, images and sounds that inspire, intrigue or amuse me on a somewhat regular basis.


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    Mismo Travel Bag 2013 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER farmhouse modern credenza by CHADHAUS Nixon for Barneys S.A.M. Nautical Watche Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Auto Chronogra James Perse – Beach Cruiser Bike Budnitz Bicycles Model No.3 in Black Cro Acne Leather/Denim Sneaker Nike Sportswear 2012 Tailwind Night Trac adidas Originals München 2012 March Rele

    Things I Want - Week 29.

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