Hello. I'm James... Singer, marketing guy, style zealot, Apple fanboy, lover of flawlessly-executed ideas, fascinating people, jazz and champagne.

This is a collection of words, images and sounds that inspire, intrigue or amuse me on a somewhat regular basis.

My debut solo project, Grace Songs, will be released in 2015. Visit often for exclusive updates. For bookings, e-mail bookjames@jaw3.net.


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    What were once street lights lights become a highway to another dimension.


    Pharrell photographed by Peter Lindbergh for WSJ.

    From Vacancy by Pamela Littky.

    Jourdan Copeland for ASOS.

    A$AP Rocky & Chanel Iman photographed by Mikael Jansson for Vogue.

    Northbound by Matthias Heiderich.

    J. Crew Crosby Suit.

    Timée by Guillaume Marmin.

    C’est la nuit by Francois OLLIVIER ( ecrasonslinfame )


    (via myinvertedimagination)

    Soho House Chicago.

    MONO Collection by Publish Brand.

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